Learn and Earn has gamified learning, offering rewarded learning experiences for all community members!

How it works
Step 1 – Social Share Events

Earn $0.10 coin (real money) for every social sharing event @ learnandearn.tv

Social Share Events include reading articles, watching videos, playing games, unlocking hidden treasures and more!

Step 2 – Open Myazmoney account for free. No gimmicks.

This allows Learn & Earn to deposit earnings directly into your account.

Step 3 – Show me the money!

Each social share event pays $0.10 in coin

10 social share events x $0.10 coin @ learnandearn.tv = $1.00 coin

After achieving a $1.00 coin, unlocks your free $1.00 Amazon gift card.

Look out for Daily-Doubles which award $0.20 in AZ coins!

Earning is unlimited!

Why it works
Get Paid to Learn. Sharing is Myazmoney!