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Best Places To Spend Christmas In 2021 In Canada

When Christmas is around, Christmas celebrations just do not feel right without a mulled drink, some Butter Tarts, and a furry soft blanket of snow. 

So if this year you wish to hop to a place that gives you the right feel of Christmas eve, and indulges you into all the vibes of Christmas in the ducked market, then Canada is the place! 

Well, Canada is a big place in itself! So, when you are wondering where to board the flight to get the celebrations right, here are a few destinations that would immediately win your heart to get there. 

Let’s read and see which place suits your Christmas celebration 2022 plan. 

In Quebec – Quebec City, Mont Tremblant, Montreal 

  • Quebec City has the jazzed cobblestone streets, French-Canadian culture, and the lovely old-world charm still there on their streets. The vintage factor, and the hue of Europe that this city has, will indeed make your Christmas vacation 2022 a great one!
  • Mont Tremblant is a place that makes you have the feel of the best Christmas if your idea of the best Christmas is to sip the best-brewed coffee, luscious hot chocolate, and be in a settled chipmunk styled village – Tremblant is the spot in Quebec for you. It is basically a go-to place for the people who are there for skiing, a Nordic spa, and snowboarding. 
  • Montreal in Quebec needs your heads up when French style is the idea of your Christmas celebration 2022. Everything in the celebration speaks of French Christmas culture on the eve. 

Alberta – Banff, Lake Louise

  • Banff – As magical as the name Banff is, so is the place! Banff is a place for people who are in love with mountains, magical mountain views, taking pictures in the dug of the hills surrounding them. The place hosts – sleigh rides, light shows, endless winter sports, Santa’s Workshop, and much more when it is Christmas time! Their hotels and resorts have some of the best castles in entire Canada!
  • Lake Louise – A city where you slurp the hot coffee, listen to Mariah, and skate around! They actually have the most immeasurable skating rinks in the world. So, if you are heading to Alberta, don’t miss the skating rinks. 

Nova Scotia – Halifax 

The place owns the credit to be one the most loyal spots that celebrate Christmas in the way folks stay stunned!

The place has glow gardens, delightful downtown, a light-up Bedford parade, a Springfield Santa Claus parade, a saltire holiday parade of Lights, the tunnel of hope, Halifax Christmas Tree Lighting & Firework, and much more. 

It has everything one would want to enjoy on Christmas eve. Plus, they create an entire festival around the evergreen trees and everything Christmas. 

Besides, if you want to shop, enjoy sports, or furry snow, you have it all there. 

Northwest Territories – Yellowknife

Northwest Territories, a place under the auroral oval, which is said to be the thin band around the Earth that has Arctic-like surroundings. It is a place that has the most intense light shows on Christmas eve. If you are searching for the best place to spend Christmas in 2022 in Canada, Northwest Territories, Yellowknife is the station for you. 

You can treat yourself to the tastiest food, the famous Snowking Festival, and get to have some really beautiful and traditional crafts from the famous craft market that is set during Christmas. 

British Columbia – Whistler

When Santa is tired after his hard work, he probably reaches British Columbia in Whistler to take a chill pill, a few drinks, and food that tastes amazing. If you wish to have a chill Christmas Party, get yourself a place here. The world-famous slopes are tucked here. You can enjoy the film fest and glorious mountain views from this place, simultaneously. 

Churchill, Manitoba

Often not a known fact for people! The place Churchill, Manitoba is counted as one of the best three places in Canada to visit on Christmas where Christmas is celebrated in the most happening way. 

To see the aurora borealis without having to take a long journey above the Arctic Circle, you can come to this place, and you have the chance to see it. 

The city on the eve of Christmas is dressed in lights. Resorts, hills, hotels, houses, and even the small huts would not be spared without the decoration. 

It’s a Christmas castle village on Christmas eve. It is also a synonym for arctic adventures and polar bears. A place to be bookmarked for the remarkable Christmas 2022 celebration. 

If you want the eve to get phenomenally dodged in the fun, Churchill is the place for you!

Ontario – St Jacobs, Niagara-on-the-Lake

  • St Jacobs – The sparkles of the place are already set to get eluded on the eve of Christmas. It is one and a half hours away from Toronto. Why this place is one of the best places to spend Christmas in 2022 in Canada is because this has something unique – the quaint charm! The vintage and buffer look it carries make the Christmas bell go ringing harmonized to the song of heaven!

Though it’s a small village, the Mennonite community can make Christmas get celebrated in the most traditional way in all manners. The food, lighting, drinks, celebration everything is in sync with traditional ethics. If you are in a mood to celebrate Christmas not pretty much in a very contemporary way, St Jacobs is the heavenly place!

  • Niagara-on-the-Lake – Well, we all know Niagara fall is a place famous over the globe for its beauty. It is already a wonderful spot to visit any time of the year. And if you head to the place of the festival, the charm it owns leaves you in the feel of amazement. 

So, above is the list of the best places to spend Christmas in 2022 in Canada for our folks. We hope you do not get amazed and confused in these places and get the best match for your party. 

Merry Christmas, and enjoy your eve to the fullest!

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