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BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100

Only three of the many technologies that could become standards for riding a motorbike and give a new dimension to the sense of freedom in an increasingly computerized society are glasses in place of a helmet, smart clothing, and full balance without a kickstand. The best part is that this vision vehicle is already in existence. The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is now available. It is indeed a futuristic motorcycle. 

The video ad of the motorcycle of the future

The futuristic two-wheeler glides into the auditorium, the blue and white BMW insignia illuminated by the jet-black triangular frame. Instead of a helmet, the female driver wears a visor that appears like a pair of spectacles from the twenty-first century. She comes to a halt and rises from the seat without removing either foot from the pegs. 

The “iconic impulses” show featured the vision bike. The BMW Group Future Experience, which had its international debut in Los Angeles, transports viewers to the year 2130. A time when mobility is becoming even more diverse and interconnected; a time when digitalization takes on a shape that we now find strange; a time when riding becomes an analog and yet profoundly emotive experience. 

BMW VISION NEXT 100 Look & Features

Cities are crowded with people and structured by digital services. Digitalisation, interconnection, and automation are all becoming more prevalent. During this lecture, the relevance of analogue ‘oases,’ which restore people’s sense of freedom, is highlighted. Freedom entails being able to feel centrifugal forces, acceleration, and the wind with all of your senses. Ideally, without the use of a helmet or other protective gear. That is also unnecessary for the BMW VISION NEXT 100 motorcycle. 

Because the “digital companion” – a working unit made up of a motorcycle and our own version of rider’s gear โ€“ ensures a high level of safety. The digital companion works in the background and only intervenes when necessary or wanted. “We were concerned that the analogue riding experience would be preserved. The concept of the display and operation is so subtle that it provides a natural and comfortable movement, “explains BMW Group’s head of design, customer experience, Holger Hampf. 

Edgar Heinrich designed this futuristic scenario with his design team and based the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT vision car on it. “When we design a motorcycle, we normally think five to ten years down the road.” As a result, looking deeper into the future was very interesting and enticing to us,” Edgar Heinrich explains. Most automobiles will be able to drive themselves in 30 years, according to designers. 

“My motorcycle allows me to get away from the stresses of everyday life. From the minute I get on board, I feel complete freedom – The Great Escape,” says Edgar Heinrich, BMW Motorrad’s head of design.

It’s still a roadster, after all.

The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is completely new, but it retains characteristics from the BMW Motorrad history: a black triangular frame, white lines, and a classic opposed-twin engine. The vision vehicle appears naked from the side. As a result, the ergonomics and seat posture are similar to those of a roadster. The front design is streamlined and minimalistic, with high-quality craftsmanship. 

A huge metallic reflector is fitted into the frame above the front wheel. It acts as a wind guide and, when combined with the integrated windscreen, ensures that airflow is optimised aerodynamically. Carbon fibre is used for body parts such as the seat, top frame cover, and front-wheel cover. The tail light and turn signal are two delicate red lights under the body. The tyres have a damping function and respond to the terrain actively. 

The right handlebar’s crimson rocker arm stands out. It is designed as a conscious mechanical element that either blocks or releases the throttle grip. 

The awesome body

The wheel is followed by the frame. The black triangular frame harkens back to the R 32, BMW’s first motorbike, which debuted in 1923. The frame, on the other hand, has little resemblance to the original in terms of functionality. 

The Flexframe is flexible, allowing steering manoeuvres without the use of today’s joints. When the handlebars are changed, the entire frame changes shape, allowing for easier direction changes. The pressures required for this vary depending on the traffic situation: steering manoeuvres are notably easy at a stop, while the frame tightens up at high speeds.

The surfaces are attached in such a way that they provide the same level of wind and weather protection as a completely enclosed motorcycle. The frame’s surface is covered in a matt black cloth.

The engine is a two-cylinder opposed-twin with an emission-free drive.

In the middle of the frame lies a specific engine. It’s both a fashion statement and a reminiscence of times gone by. It has the appearance and performance of a typical BMW Boxer engine, but it houses an emission-free drive unit. The outward shape of the opposed-twin engine changes according to the riding situation. It lies tight as it comes to a halt. The engine block protrudes out the sides as soon as you start riding.

It improves the aerodynamics and weather protection of the motorcycle during the journey by doing so. The polished aluminium in this section gives off a high-end vibe. 

There’s no risk of tipping over because it’s self-balancing.

A motorcycle does not require the use of a stand. Not when help systems keep everything under check. The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100’s self-balancing system keeps it stable while riding and at a standstill. This improves the driver’s safety. Beginners will find it easier because they will be guided carefully through every riding circumstance and will not fall over. 

Self-balancing, on the other hand, can be beneficial to expert riders. Because the motorcycle is more nimble, the riding experience becomes even more dynamic. The rider’s capabilities are also enhanced by the support devices. Riders can constantly increase their boundaries and positively intensify their riding experiences, regardless of aptitude or practise. From start to finish, every ride is a sensation of total freedom.

Instead of wearing bulky protective clothes, make a fashion statement. 

The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 rider attire is both fashionable and functional, providing protection from the elements and adding to the entire driving experience. A/C cools or warms the rider according to preference. Heavy clothing that is either too hot or too chilly is no longer an option. 

Muscle strands influenced the flexible band construction of the apparel and footwear. It actively assists the rider depending on the riding situation, relieving him of the stress in the process. The apparel gives navigational indications or indicates when a limitation tilt angle is reached by vibrating devices on the arms and legs. Because of the intelligent support systems, the rider’s clothing does not need to have a safety function.

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