Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR πŸ’  A Car with Brain-Computer-Interface 😳

The Mercedes-Benz VISION ATR, a car that existed far in imagination and dreams, too far to come true, is now on show, for real. 

This futuristic concept car, breaking all the ground rules of being a car, is a completely innovative merger of humans, machines, and nature. It is a pure underlined courage and pioneering spirit that Mercedes-Benz has come up with, to test the BCI applications. 

You drive the car with the power of your thoughts. Your nervous system being digitally connected to your car with biometrics can help you not just drive the car but lets your mere thoughts and energy have control over ambient lights, navigation, direction changing, and even radio. 

That is not all about this Avatar-inspired new dimension of future human vehicles. There is much more it owns. 

The Vision AVTR Visualises Your Energy to Respond 

The interaction between the driver and the vehicle starts quite instinctively. After the man places the palm on the center console, the interior would come to life and recognize the person by their breathing. 

One can see this on the instrument panel and the hand of the user. With visualized energy, information of the surrounding environment, with the help of the digital neurons, glides through the vehicle’s grille. The digital neurons thus increase the awareness of the driver and make the car function in sync with the thoughts the driver has. 

Lets You Interact With The Nature 

A curved display module replaced with the standard dashboard creates the passenger and outside world connection. By bringing together the energy lines that make the interior go alive, passengers in the car see real-time 3D images of what is happening on the road outside the car. The concept is – you get to interact with nature more intuitively and feel forces of nature that are not possible to see with the human eye – including bioenergy, ultraviolet light, or magnetic fields. Being a passenger in Vision AVTR is no less than experiencing the cinematography in real life. 

P.S. If you want to explore the three wonders of nature IN DETAIL β€“ the 115-meter-high Hyperion Tree in the United States, the Huangshan Mountains of China, and the pink salt Lake Hillier, Australia – planning your trip with Vision AVTR is the thing you must do. 

The Bionic Extension 

The Vision AVTR is a pure example that suggests the confinements of humans and technologies are now uplifted and have been merged. Blending technology cordially with nature to show how this BCI technology can work successfully to drive and interact with nature, this sheer luxury car has proved to be a tech extension of a human body – and a vehicle that is the future. Since this concept car is made out of being inspired by Avatara, it acts as one on road for you. 

Drive Dynamic With Active Safety – 

VISION AVTR having a combined engine power of more than 350 kW is a new EQ power benchmark. It is a four high-performance and near-wheel-built electric motor with intelligent torque distribution and power distributed to over four individually controlled motors. The individually controlled motors give the best driving dynamics with the highest level of safety alongside.

Since the concept car was incomplete without the crab movement, VISION AVRT allows the sideways movement by approx. 30 degrees, and lets each wheel move in separate directions for the best driving experience in different situations for complete safety.

The Interior & Exterior

The interior and the exterior of Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR are into each other and have an approach of showcasing an aura-like figure that humans generally have in their minds. The interior is made to have a spacious room where passengers can connect and reside comfortably. 

However, as nothing is usual about this car, the fabric used on seats is not an ordinary one too. The material on the seats is color-changing, inspired by the color world of the sea. Depending on the environment, light, and time, the fabric changes its color from dark to light blue or vice versa. This car has magic and would make your ride filled with a beautiful aura when you are in it. 

The Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR is not just a high-performance premium luxury lad – It is a concept of welding humans, nature, and technology to give a new get-set-go revolutionary story to the entire automotive fraternity.  

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